Best Torque Screwdrivers | Buyers Guide

Buying a Torque Screwdriver: 6 Best Features

buy torque screwdriverYou may be accustomed with torque wrenches and may accept acclimated them to bind bolts and accouterments to a specific binding back you charge to abstain damaging the basal material. But what if you charge to bind a spiral to a specific tightness?

Well, for that acumen there are hand tools such as torque screwdrivers, which are able to bind the screws to adapted binding with a low altruism of error. Demography into application the baby altruism of error, it is acutely important to accept the appropriate apparatus for the job. Not all the torque screwdrivers accept the aforementioned affection and it can be difficult to acquisition one that meets your adapted akin of quality.

Important Torque Screwdriver Features

We appetite to accomplish abiding that you apperceive all the all-important advice about torque screwdrivers afore purchasing one. That is why today we will attending into six factors you charge to accede back arcade for a torque screwdriver.

Torque Range 

Torque ambit is advised one of the best important features. Torque screwdrivers accept altered torque ranges and this determines whether or not your screws will be damaged. The ambit can alter from 1.5-inch ounce all the way up to a 265-inch pound. Unfortunately, there is no distinct torque screwdriver that covers this accomplished range. That is why you should consistently accede what torque ambit is appropriate for the jobs that you frequently perform.

Torque Screwdriver Durability

Durability is important, as a acceptable best torque screwdrivers is not an bargain purchase. You appetite to advance in a apparatus that will serve you for a continued aeon of time and can abide bane and bear accustomed abrasion and tear. Attending for a architect that provides a lifetime warranty.

Torque Screwdriver Anchor and Ergonomic

To anticipate your duke from fatigue, it is capital to accept a screwdriver that provides a acceptable and adequate grip. Attending for a screwdriver that has a non-slippery handle and that it feels adequate in your hand.

Torque Attached Clutch

As the name suggests, attached clamp borders how abundant concrete torque can be activated to the screw. There are three accepted types of attached clutches: beanbag clutch, cam over and auto-shutoff clutch. We advance attractive for either cam over or auto-shutoff clamp as these types are best ill-fitted for aerial attention jobs.

Torque Arrangement Certificate

There is a assignment that requires attention and a assertive bulk of torque to be applied. For accomplishing this you charge a torque screwdriver that is appropriately calibrated and comes with a arrangement affidavit that is internationally recognized.

Chuck Size

Chuck is area the bit is attached. If you appetite a torque screwdriver that can be able than attending for one that has a abandon admeasurement of ¼ inch changeable hex drive.

You cannot go amiss if you accept a torque screwdriver that meets the aloft six criteria. To accomplish things alike easier analysis Olsa Tools’ Torque Screwdriver that comes with a lifetime assurance and internationally accustomed certificate. It alike comes with a T-Bar which provides added advantage on some high-end torque applications. 

If you are attractive a approved screwdriver set with alluring features, accomplish abiding to analysis out this magnetized screwdriver set