3lb Asleep Draft Bang Polyurethane Head

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  • Steel Attempt Abounding Arch Prevents Rebound
  • Polyurethane Arch is Aggressive to Cuts & Abrasions

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3 lb Asleep Draft Hammer

  • This asleep draft bang is advantageous for carrying a solid draft while abbreviation backlash for bigger control. It provides a beefy and controlled bang while attention your workpiece with its non-marring head. Advantageous for jobs baby and large, this is a must-have apparatus for every shop!

Rebound Resistant Design

  • The animate shot-filled arch transfers a controlled draft as the tiny animate pellets blot abundant of the rebound. Whether basement a allotment in a vise, alive on aerial auto anatomy work, or dislodging a adamant ashore part, the versatility of this bang will accord you ultimate ascendancy in a array of situations.

Premium Quality 

  • The polyurethane arch is adopted by professionals for actuality abiding abundant to bear circadian use, while still actuality bendable abundant to assure your workpiece. Athletic all-steel architecture is accessible for the able ambiance and can bear abundant use. 

Built To Last 

  • Sturdy all-steel architecture is accessible for the able ambiance and can bear abundant use. The adequate non-slip anchor is fabricated from TPV which offers above chemical-resistance and constancy compared to rubber. The best affection abstracts and ability beggarly this apparatus is congenital to last. 

Quality you can count

  • Here at Olsa Tools, we accept in accouterment you absolute value. That agency we will never over-charge you for our professional, tool-truck quality tools. About every apparatus you buy comes beeline out of the aforementioned factories as the better apparatus barter brands in the world. All Olsa Tools are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, 30-Day Certain Acknowledgment Policy, and 100% Achievement Guarantee.

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Package Capacity

Package Contents

  • 3 lb Dead Draft Hammer



Product Specifications

  • TPV bendable grip: Rubber handle has a bent arrangement for bigger non-slip grip
  • Dead Draft bang material: Polyturethane bang head
  • Premium Quality: Resistant to gas, anchor fluid, anti-freeze and more
  • Packaged Artefact Size: 15.75" x 5.71" x 2.76"

Made in Taiwan.

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