12 Pc Torx Screwdriver Set

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  • Set Includes Every Torx Admeasurement Amid T6 Through T45
  • Soft Actual Handle Architecture Provides Aerial Torsion

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12 Pc Torx Screwdriver Set

  • This Torx screwdriver set is a accessible set of accoutrement for all those automotive and adjustment jobs that crave the use of a torx screwdriver. Torx screws are acceptable more accepted due to their adeptness to handle college torque after stripping, compared to hex screws. Ideal for automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, smartphones, and abundant more!

Exceptional Features 

  • Ergonomic and bendable actual handle architecture provides aerial bewilderment and reduces the anguish on the anatomy of the duke and wrist back alive for continued periods of time. The abiding TPV provides a strong, adaptable grip, while actuality abundantly chemical-resistant and wear-resistant.

Lifelong Reliability

  • These screwdrivers accept been anxiously engineered with industrial-grade, chrome-plated SVCM animate which has alike college shock attrition and torsional backbone than chrome vanadium (Cr-V) steel. Phosphate-coated tips advice ensure a bound anchor on accouterments to anticipate accident to both the ballast and the apparatus head. These Torx screwdrivers were absolutely congenital to aftermost a lifetime.

Complete Set

  • This Torx screwdriver set includes every Torx admeasurement amid T6 through T45 (T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30, T40 and T45 to be exact). The 12 pieces in the set accept you covered for annihilation from baby Torx screws begin in electronics to ample Torx accouterments in vehicles.

Quality You Can Calculation On

  • Here at Olsa Tools, we accept in accouterment you absolute value. That agency we will never over-charge you for our professional, tool-truck quality tools. About every apparatus you buy comes beeline out of the aforementioned factories as the better apparatus barter brands in the world. All Olsa Tools are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, 30-Day Certain Acknowledgment Policy, and 100% Achievement Guarantee.


Bruce Lakusta Torx Screwdriver Unboxing

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*During business hours only

Package Capacity

Package Contents

12pc Screwdriver Set

  • T6 x 3"| T7 x 3" |T8 x 3"
  • T9 x 3"| T10 x 4"| T15 x 4"
  • T20 x 4"| T25 x 4"| T27 x 4"
  • T30 x 4"| T40 x 5"| T45 x 6"


Product Specficiations

  • Tip Material: Blade tip to ensure a absolute fit in every spiral head.
  • Ergonomic Handle: Rubber handle for added abundance and grip
  • Shaft Material: Chrome Argent SVCM steel.
  • Packaged Artefact Dimensions: 12.01" x 1.77" x 10.83"
  • Magnetic screwdriver organizer included with 12pc Set: The abounding ambit of sizes amid T6 and T45 is included.

Made in Taiwan.

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