5pc Ballast Remover Set

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  • Make accessible assignment of removing breeze accouterments & trim panels.
  • Prevent burst console accouterments clips & pins.
  • Fitted with ergonomic handles for a adequate grip.

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Ultimate Usage

  • The 5 allotment ballast remover set and pry apparatus kit is advised for cautiously removing and installing exoteric and autogenous trim. Abstain abrading and damaging agent paint, leather, chrome, and added genitalia of the car.

Exceptional Admeasurement & Features

  • Great for removing automotive breeze fasteners, trim panels and molding. Advantageous blow remover tool. Sizes included: baby "V" cleft tip, ample "V" cleft tip,1/4-inch "U" cleft tip, 5/16-inch "U" cleft tip, and aboveboard cleft tip. 

Perfect Choice

  • Prevent snapping console clips and pins while attempting to abolish autogenous parts. Quickly, cautiously and calmly abolish autogenous panels, aperture panels, dashboards, and audio systems after causing damage. Adapted with ergonomic handles for a adequate grip. 

Premium Quality

  • This console abatement apparatus kit is athletic and accessible to use, allowance you do the job calmly after gouging or accident the vehicle. The trim abatement apparatus set is fabricated of a abiding animate shaft with an ergonomic handle fabricated of TPV elastic featuring above attrition to chemicals and corrosion.

Quality you can count

  • Here at Olsa Tools, we accept in accouterment you absolute value. That agency we will never over-charge you for our professional, tool-truck quality tools. About every apparatus you buy comes beeline out of the aforementioned factories as the better apparatus barter brands in the world. All Olsa Tools are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, 30-Day Certain Acknowledgment Policy, and 100% Achievement Guarantee.

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Package Capacity

Package Contents

5pc Automotive Trim Remove

  • 1 PC - Aperture Upholstery Console Remover for American Cars
  • 1 PC - Aperture Upholstery Console Remover for European Cars
  • 2 PC - Aperture Upholstery Console Remover for Japanese Cars
  • 1 PC - Tack Puller

Sizes Included

  • Small V-shaped cleft tip,  8-1/4-inch Length
  • 1/4" U-shaped notch tip, 8-3/4-inch Length
  • 5/16" U-shaped notch tip, 8-3/4-inch Length
  • Large V-shaped notch tip, 9-inch Length
  • Square cleft tip, 9-7/8-inch Length

Convenient case for accessible storage


Product Specifications

  • Ergonomic design: soft-grip blanket for ultimate comfort
  • Fastener remover material: Durable animate shaft
  • Functionatily: Designed for cautiously removing and installing exterior, and autogenous trim
  • Package Size: 14.92" x 1.73" x 5.35"
  • Weight: 26.98 oz


Made in Taiwan.

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