Non-Slip Perforated Apparent Apparatus Chest Liner

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  • Protect Your Accoutrement With Our Non-slip Liner
  • The Blubbery 3.2mm Liner Actual is Accessible to Customize

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Protect Your Tools

  • Why leave your accoutrement vulnerable? Don't blemish and affray your big-ticket accoutrement -- this apparatus chest drawer liner appearance tough, textured PVC cream actual that grips on all of your accoutrement as you accessible your toolbox. It helps assure the apparent from grease, oil, scratches, spills, and provides careful cushions for your tools.

Non-Slip Surface

  • The nonadhesive actual on the Olsa Accoutrement chiffonier liner lets you calmly reposition or backpack it wherever you need. If you charge to acclimatize the size, all you charge to do is artlessly cut it to admeasurement with a brace of scissors or a razor. Perforated apparent provides absorption to anticipate block and accumulate your accoutrement from sliding into anniversary other.

Multiple Uses

  • Not alone is the able nonslip Olsa Accoutrement liner abundant for apparatus chests; you can use it ANYWHERE! Absolute for your cabinet, kitchen drawer, wire shelf or shelving, barter apparatus boxes, and more. The liner is absorptive abundant to assure your accoutrement while actuality able to use in altered places.

Strong 3.2 MM Blubbery Material

  • The Olsa Accoutrement industrial-grade toolbox liner is acutely blubbery and can bear your toughest and heaviest tools. Never anguish about breaking or disturbing your apparatus chest liners again! Anniversary cycle comes with 16” x 16ft or 18" x 24ft of perforated toolbox liner. Feel what Olsa Accoutrement affection agency with your own two hands.

Olsa Accoutrement Achievement Guaranteed

  • Buying Olsa Accoutrement agency you are affairs quality. We accommodate duke apparatus solutions to bags of blessed barter in the USA. We strive to accomplish your arcade acquaintance with us annihilation beneath than 100%; so acquaintance us for any troubleshooting or account and we'll accomplish it appropriate by you. 
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*During business hours only

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16" x 16' OR 18" x 24'  Toolbox liner 


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