Breach Axle Torque Bend 1/2" Drive (50-250 ft-lb Torque Range) - ±4% Accuracy

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  • Loud Bang Sounds Indicates Accomplished Torque Spec
  • ±4% CW Certified DIN ISO Accurate

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Internationally Accustomed Certifications

  • Certified arrangement and accurateness through AMSE B107.300-2010 and DIN ISO 6789 to ±4% Clockwise.

1/2" Breach Axle Collapsed Bar Torque Wrench 

  • This able Breach Axle Collapsed Bar Torque Bend has a awful able-bodied ratchet apparatus for clockwise administration ideal of automated use, complete with a ambit of 50-250 ft-lb. The Knob-type torque acclimation is faster and added energy-efficient; its asperous bouncer contains the lock function, which can anticipate the ambience from actuality afflicted accidentally.

Highly Reliable

  • This 1/2" Breach Axle Collapsed Bar has a loud bang complete and able actuation arresting announce automatically back the adapted torque amount is achieved, alienated to over-tightening and breeze the bolt. TPR beanbag handle provides comfort, accessible control, and oil-resistance.

Easy To Use 

  • It's a breeze with the Olsa Accoutrement Breach Axle Collapsed Torque Bend activated to both clockwise directions for tightening. Torque altitude in a clockwise administration alone with a 15-degree angle head. Non-coil-spring apparatus and no charge to acknowledgment to aught afterwards use which brings best apparatus life. And not alone that! the torque ambience for this breach axle can be calmly apprehend through the window scale.

Premium Unbreakable Steel 

  • Carefully engineered with industrial-grade Chrome Vanadium (Cr-V) steel, break assured that your 1/2" Collapsed Bar Torque Bend will be a lifetime accompaniment through your toughest jobs. Absolute artisan accoutrement set for the shop.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • We are durably committed to affection and giving the best acquaintance to our admired customers, all Olsa Accoutrement articles accept a Bound Lifetime Assurance 30-Day Certain Acknowledgment Policy, and 100% Achievement Guarantee. Buy with ease, and alpha application your new attention 1/2 inch drive Breach Axle Collapsed Bar Torque Wrench.

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Package Capacity

Packaging Contents

  • 1 1/2" drive breach axle torque wrench
  • 1 adamantine draft molded case


Product Specifications

  • Teeth: 32
  • Accuracy: 4%
  • Torque Range: 50-250 ft-lb
  • Swing Arc: 15 degrees
  • Length: 23"
  • Packaging: Adamantine artificial draft molded case
  • ASME Specification: B107.300-2010
  • ISO Specification: DIN ISO 6789
  • Product Dimension: 23.2" x 1.71" x 1.42"

Made in Taiwan.

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